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Designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, surfEars protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance.
Independent tests show that SurfEars® have far superior performance compared to other ear plugs.
SurfEars® have close to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech while the best competitor cuts away about 20-30dB.
To give you a reference, 30dB is roughly the difference between the loudest and lowest volume setting on your smartphone.

That’s a pretty big difference!

2x world champ

We’re stoked to announce that Tom Carroll, surfing legend and 2x world champ has joined SurfEars® as global ambassador. Here’s what Tom has to say about us:
“Finally after a long painful period of avoidance, my left ear was surgically cleared of exostosis (surfer’s ear), SurfEars couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, THANK YOU!!”