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Each Traction style is developped by our team, so not is it unique, there’s a design, template and pattern to cater to all surfer’s preference and board shapes.


Kicks & Arches


All Creatures of Leisure traction pads are made using 3M Adhesive. With fast tacking and high temperature resistance properties, 3M Adhesive is proven to be the world’s most stable adhesive for traction pads.


The Creatures EVA formula consists of a unique cross linking, uniform cell structure offering high impact resistance, foam memory, water absorption resistance and an extremely high tear threshold. This formula enables our pads to be lightweight and sliced extremely thin without comprising strength and durability.

Traction Patterns

Thermo Mould

The heat transferred in the thermo process creates an even and stable crust on the surface of the pad, with the dotted texture adding friction under the foot. It’s great for boards where lightweight traction is needed and cold-water waves. 

Square Loc II

The Square Loc II traction pattern is the next evolution of our original Square Loc pattern with the addition of a second smaller square on top of the main foundational square. This helps provide added traction, is great for modern aerial-type surfing where extra grip is needed to get more pop. 

Square Loc

The Square Loc traction pattern is the most versatile and consistently used traction pattern in the Creatures range. The squares are even with a moderate height which allows the surfer to adjust their feet position during turns and throughout the wave. 

Diamond Loc II

The Diamond Loc II traction pattern is the most extreme traction pattern in the Creatures range. Great for being light on your feet and shifting your foot position mid-turn and when going to the air. When you move around on your board a lot, you need to know you’ll have total control when you plant your foot. 

Diamond Loc

The Diamond Loc pattern is the most stable traction pattern in our range. When you want to plant your foot and not worry about it, the Diamond Loc traction pattern is for you. Great for wide-tailed boards (WIDE pad), Longboards and step-ups (SPLIT pad).


The Cord traction pattern is the newest addition to the Creatures range. Light brushed ribs across raw EVA give you enough texture to be grippy, without impacting your foot placement. It’s perfect for that waxed on feel of the Front Deck III traction pad. 

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Lite Collection

Weight matters when it comes to the little things and traction is no exception. Lightness can translate to more power, more control and more speed in the water. 

The new LITE Collection from Creatures is constructed exclusively with our ultra-lightweight thermo-moulded EVA, which features a dotted texture for maximum grip and security. 

LITE traction technology features across several signature traction models and our new Front Deck IV.

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