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JS Surfboards
JS Industries One of the most famous surf brand.

In recent times JS industries has become one of the most known and respected names in the world of performance surfboards.

Jason Stevenson (founder, owner and shaper) has built the company from ground up and his talents and love of surfing have gained him global recognition and some strong relationships with a world class team of loyal surfers.

The iconic Traktor logo has been found under the feet of a huge number of elite surfers over the years including four World Champions and many more top 32 contenders. JS’s work coming into 2018 is at its absolute best, with the designs encompassing all of the innovations and improvements developed by the team and World Champions over the past half decade.

We are incredibly excited for the future of surfing and JS will be there to see it progress!.





    Our unparalleled epoxy tech, looking and feeling better than ever for 2019.



    Be careful with your HYFI, both in and out of the water! Although they’re much stronger and more durable than normal PU surfboards, they’re not indestructible.
    Don’t leave it in the sun. No surfboard deals well with a lot of excess heat.
    Ensure any minor dings are fixed with epoxy resin.
    If you can tick these few simple boxes then there’s a great chance your HYFI will be your best friend for a long, long time. Enjoy!

    Should I change my dimensions or volume when choosing a HYFI board?

    Throughout the development of HYFI, during which the team tried dozens of prototypes in a range of different models, they found their boards worked best in standard dimensions. While the EPS core and epoxy elements of the construction do add a small degree of extra flotation, testers like Dusty Payne (see his clip for more info) felt it was only just enough to notice a slight increase in buoyancy and ease of paddling, but not enough to warrant making any changes to dimensions or overall volume.

    It’s also worth noting that the rails in the HYFI range are slightly lowered compared to the standard PU models, which serves to make it even easier for you to ride your normal dimensions in the new tech.

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    “We always want to make the best even better, and for the most high performance fiberglass surfboards, carbon fusion stringers are the perfect next step.”

    Jason Stevenson

    Why PU carbon fusion?

    There’s everything from the consistency and strength bonuses of carbon over wood, to a slight edge in both speed and flex – or the carbon’s ‘snapback’ as JS and Parko call it.

    The JS range of surfboards are already set apart for their unparalleled levels of performance and the countless hours of R&D behind them. Now, they’re set apart aesthetically too.

    From pushing yourself overseas (and over the falls), to having as much fun as possible at home, this is what we live for. Remember though, your boards are not indestructible and can still break if you treat them like Ryan is here!

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    “With our Black Baron twin fin being built to excel particularly in smaller surf, we’ve also made it available in epoxy construction – our carbon fusion EPS. This is a specifically engineered flex pattern for waves that require you to generate most of your own speed. It’s fast and has plenty of pop. Perfect for twin fins.”

    Jason Stevenson

    Why EPS carbon fusion?

    Carbon fusion EPS complements the type of boards we want to ride to make small waves exciting. They don’t need all the layering of a HYFI, and with less layering, comes more flex.

    Favourite option throughout testing for weak waves up to head high, this option is ideal for surfers who want a board that’s lighter, with more buoyancy, yet still performs.

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