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Individually Crafted Surfboards 100% made in California


Since 1979, Stretch has been creating distinctive and innovative custom hand built boards for surfing, sailing, kiting, and tow surfing.

Born in Malibu, CA, he was taught to build boards by his father Mike Riedel, a shaper for Velzy Jacobs Surfboards in the 1960’s. His multitude of craftsmanship and wave riding skills eventually landed him in Santa Cruz where a life changing windsurfing accident in 1988 left him with partial paralysis.

His enthusiasm for progressive wave riding continues daily with technological advancement, team feedback and a passion for building the best board possible.


Located blocks from the beach in mid-town Santa Cruz, our factory is prime location for scheming-up unique and alternative construction techniques.

We build each individual board under the same roof in the largest dedicated EPS/EPOXY surfboard factory in Northern California. Combine that with a team of unbelievably talented riders, progressive designs and premium California coastline and you get some of the best wave riding imaginable.

The Stretch Interview


Imitation is not what Stretch does. He follows his own path and pays attention to the foam. Whatever they ride, he wants to make a board for them. And block out everything else. Everybody should have their own path. PS Don’t get a flyer.


All Stretch’s boards were historically built from one of two rockers, either 3-stage or parabolic. All the new boards are built from a spherical rocker. Using a section of a sphere as the rocker. Use the entire waterline of the board all the way to the nose.


Because of the way boards pivots. With tri-fins, low pressure zones around the fin become greater, stabilizing the fins. Quad all four fins rotate around a central point. that is directly in between the four fins…speed does not give quads directional stability. Faster you go, it’s the same stability


Everything but the foam is unique to Stretch construction.


Willian “Stretch” Riedel

Design Philosophy

Stretch explains his philosophy on surfboard design, trends, and industry perspective.


This physics principle formulated by Daniel Bernoulli states that an increase in the speed of a fluid produces a decrease in pressure. Stretch elaborates on how this relates to surfboard design.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s what Newton’s Third Law of Physics says. Stretch explains how this affects a surfboard on a wave and how design can harness this power.

SINCE 1979

William “Stretch” Riedel has been creating distinctive and innovative custom hand built boards for surfing, sailing, kiting, and tow surfing for over 30 years.

Santa Cruz Beach

Surfboards Construction


Controlled Flex Technology

  • 1/8” bamboo stringer
  • Epoxy lamination with 6oz. direct sized RWG E-glass deck and bottom
  • 4oz. S-glass deck layer 45º off-axis quadrilateral cloth matrix
  • Individually hand-shaped deck channels
  • CFT Construction

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