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  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards
  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards



    • Highly adaptable rocker with generous curve provides daily driver utility
    • Subtle single concave with accentuated “bubble” between feet for rolling rail to rail with a broadened sweet spot
    • Light and flickable yet all business when laid on rail

      Comes standard as double wing swallow. can be custom ordered with double wing round pin. Also available with single wing or no wing at all to increase surface area in tail for heavy back footed surfers.


      Works best with high aspect ratio fins in the 5.125″ to 5.5″ range depending on surfer. Custom foil and full tipped stretch template fiberglass fins from fins unlimited are optimal choice for enhanced drive, hold and performance.


      Balanced, full outline with wide point exact center. wings reduce the surface area in the tail behind the trailing edge of fins for enhanced control. Shallow 1/2″ deep swallow tail adds further sensibility to the unrestricted tail.


      Highly versatile daily driver rocker deviates only slightly from rail line rocker with it’s subtle single concave. Rolled vee out the tail lifts rail rocker to provide easy flowing transitions without the jerky sensation of straight railed and flat rockered designs.


      Soft 50/50 rails are fuller profiled to retain surface area and enhanced suction in wave face for control without sacrificing adaptability.


      Vee in nose transitions to flat with slight single concave flowing into a rolled vee from trailing edge of fins.