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  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards
  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards



    We’ve taken our quad technology and applied it to a traditional fish design to produce a board that will do full rail turns and surf more vertically. It’s basic features produce speed while it’s subtle differences provide action. If you want to surf fast at speedy points or mushy beach breaks, the Quadfish delivers.


    • Balanced curves and a well mannered rocker make for an indulgent small wave ripper
    • Shallow single concave to pronounced vee promotes stability and effortless turning
    • Slightly rearward fin cluster compared to G-buzz provides forgiveness and drive
    • Order 6-8” shorter than your typical performance shortboard
    • A long time companion for when the surf gets small yet still rippable, the Quadfish has a spot in our quiver filling the gap between classic log and hybrid shortboard daily driver.

      Short, flat, boxy and straight are what have commonly been associated with fish designs. Stretch’s Quadfish model leans just a tad the opposite direction adding more maneuverability with the inherent speed of a fish while keeping stability and control.

      Tried and true to our development of single concave performance shortboards, the Quadfish utilizes similar bottom contours with vee in the nose quickly transitioning to a “comet-like” shallow single concave tapering into a pronounced vee out the deep swallow tail. The simplistic hydrodynamics get the RPM’s revving high before your feet even touch the deck.

      Lower rocker and a full foiled provide impressive paddle power while still having adequate flip to keep from digging and sticking in curvy transitions. Soft 50/50 rails offer a refined grip and predictable release when speeds increase and allow for high line trim when rocketing down freight train walls.

      A combination of easy to use rocker, well-mannered rails, full outline and Stretch’s expertise of quad design equates to one of the most dependable and trusted daily driver/small wave boards in our model line.