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Lubrifiant – 60 ml

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Easy Maintenance for Commonly Stuck Zips

McNett Zip Care™ is an easy-to-use liquid zip lubricant and cleaner that helps prevent stuck zips and costly zip repairs. It removes harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits from zip sliders, while leaving behind a lubricant that’s not messy like other formulas. After one application, those trouble zips will be oh so easy to slide.

  • Dual-applicator brush top
  • Contains no silicone
  • Biodegradable
Life’s Too Short to waste time yanking on stuck zips,
use zips care.


  • Plastic zips
  • Tent zips
  • Backpack zips
  • Sleeping bag zips
  • Bivy sack zips
  • Jacket zips
  • Wader zips



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