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San Diego, CA. June 25, 2020.

JS Industries is proud to welcome Conner Coffin to the Traktor Team.

The WSL standout, and current world number 20, has signed on exclusively with JS surfboards. Coffin, 26, made the decision to ride Jason Stevenson’s boards full time during an off season where the Santa Barbara native was able to commit to extensive R&D in Hawaii, Australia, and around home in California before COVID-19 forced the professional surfing world into an extended hiatus.

“For me, joining JS is really exciting. I’ve always admired the surfing of so many legends who JS has made boards for, from AI to Joel, Jules, Ace, Ryan… the list goes on! I just always felt like their boards looked so precise and glued to their feet. To have the opportunity to work with a shaper who has built boards for world champs and surfers on the tour for years is huge for me. I’m pumped to have the chance to work with JS to further dial my boards in for the tour and grow as a surfer!”

One of the most respected shapers in the world, founder Jason Stevenson has built JS Industries from the ground up. Since 1999, Jason’s vision has always been to create the best performing boards in the industry, from CT level shortboards, all the way down to ultra-fast and forgiving twin fins & fun boards. Now, JS is focused on creating a quiver for Conner to excel both at home in the USA and beyond.

“American stores have supported us for almost twenty years now. In that time we’ve seen an incredible amount of love for our boards and brand overall amongst core surfers and communities. Now we’re working with Conner, a world class surfer who’s born and bred in the USA. His polished approach and class both on land and in the water will give us even more insight to build the best boards in the world, and fine tune them further for American surfers. We couldn’t be happier to have a person and surfer of Conner’s quality joining the Traktor Team.”

Conner and  a part of his new quiver. Black Baron twin, HYFI Bullseye, HYFI Monsta Box 2020, and the Monsta 2020. 

One of the key links between JS headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia and California is USA President of Operations, Heath Walker. And having enjoyed his own 10-year professional surfing career, Walker also relished the opportunity to work with Coffin long term. 

“Conner is the best example we could hope for to represent JS across the USA mainland and around the globe. His surfing speaks for itself. Draws old school powerful lines with huge wet rail turns but has the new school flare and an explosive bag of tricks. In addition to his unbelievable talent is something we pride ourselves on at JS – Conner is a standout approachable guy, who comes from a great surfing family of talent. Go Conner.”