Pads de surf. quel est le mieux ?

Surf pads. which is best?

Pads are one of the essential tools when it comes to surfing. While the full deck was all the rage, and still is for some surfers, it's almost always a question of which pad model is best. Do you want a signature pads? Do you want a pad for a fish? Do you just want something that looks pretty cool? This guide covers these basics, keeping things simple when choosing the best surf grip for you.

Best entry-level grip

When it comes to entry-level grips, it's hard to top the Icon III. It is stealthy black, features our proven 'square loc' traction pattern and has three pieces, suitable for wider tails if necessary. An excellent grip that will give you plenty of grip.

Best grip for Fish

When it comes to fish grips, you want a grip with wide coverage that will suit wider tails, especially swallows. The Icon Fish Tail Pad is the one that works with a plan shape inspired by the 80s, two-piece grip to stick on fish according to your needs.

Durable grip

Increasingly, surfers are demanding sustainable products that take care of the oceans in which we play. The Creatures Eco-Pure range answers this call with surf pads that retain their performance but then biodegrade at the end of their life. Our team was so impressed with the result that there are plenty of options to choose from (and some additional information on how they're made) here.

If you are looking for the best surf wax to add extra traction to your board, we recommend Sex Wax.