Maurice Cole

Maurice Cole

Maurice Cole, a great surfer, who became an exceptional shaper…

Who better than him to be called a living legend in the world of surfing?

First a very great surfer, who became an exceptional shaper, the story shared between Maurice Cole and France began in 1982 when he surfed the Gravière wave for the first time, in Hossegor, as part of the championship. of the surfing world.
He will decide, following this trip, to come and live in France.

A few years and trips between France and Australia later, Maurice Cole settled in the Landes to surf and practice his profession as a shaper.

From Ross Clarke Jones to Kelly Slater, including Taj Burrow and Tom Curren and the famous Reverse V Project, developed with the latter, Maurice Cole has collaborated with the biggest names in international surfing.
Despite his status, he is constantly looking for innovation in order to create shapes that are ever more fun, faster, more radical, depending on what the practitioner desires. Listening to the surfer and with his experience of waves around the world, he will know how to create the ideal board for anyone.

Maurice Cole Surfboards models available.


Rv Shorty

A modern take on a revolutionary design

In 1990 Tom Curren and Maurice Cole began a surfer/shaper relationship which led Tom to the title of world champion on a quiver signed Maurice Cole, ranging from 6' to 8'3”. Tom notably won his first and only event in Hawaii on the famous board without a logo with yellow rails.

To celebrate this magical quiver and the revolutionary design that was the Reverse V, Maurice Cole and Tom Curren created the Reverse Vee Project. From the interest shown in this design, Maurice decided to revisit the design by modernizing it, he now offers the New Reverse V model, available in shortboard , Step up and hybrid, equipped of course with the famous Reverse Vee bottom.

This new design combines moderate rocker for easy paddling/taking off, and an inverted Vee hull which gives the board exceptional maneuverability. The result is an optimal comfort and performance compromise found on the 3 models in the Reverse Vee range.


Vee Con III

Accompanied by its fluted flyers and its swot tail, the vee con III will be your all-purpose board. Easy to paddle and take-off, it also offers certain advantages for gaining speed and curves, it is the board to take for all sessions.



The all-in-one board: surfable as a single, tri or quad thanks to the 4 +1 assembly (US Box + 4 plugs). Outline laid out and edges marked with MC sauce, adapting to all conditions.


RV Twin Pin

The unique combination of moderate rocker and the inverted V hull increases efficiency tenfold. Not only is the board comfortable when paddling and easier to take-off, but it remains incredibly maneuverable thanks to the Reverse Vee developed by Maurice Cole.


Red Dingo

The mid length Maurice Cole version! That is to say a board designed to take as many waves as possible without sacrificing speed or performance. Super versatile and reliable in heavy conditions thanks to its marked edges all along the rail.

  • Bottom : Single concave
  • Tail : Round square or Round Pin

RV Protow

It is in fact a METRO step up, equipped with a VEE under the nose to absorb chop and avoid being caught in the wind when taking off in rough conditions. This design also features increased volume under the chest, and a flat deck with lying rails, giving the impression of a thin, biting board with hidden volume. Inspired by the designs of my Tow boards, this model offers a very marked concave punctuated by sharpened rails promoting speed and grip, and therefore carving.


Alpha Twin

The Alpha Twin is a board that works all year round. With its volume it will allow you to go surfing in summer in somewhat windy conditions. But with its sharpened tail, you will also be able to throw yourself into much more powerful and bigger waves, it will replace your gun.

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