Surf Ears

Surf Ears

Let Sound in Keep Water Out

Designed for surfers, swimmers and other aquatic athletes, surfEars protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance.
Independent testing shows that SurfEars® performs significantly better than other earplugs.
SurfEars® has near-zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech while the best competitor cuts around 20-30 dB.
To give you a reference, 30 dB is roughly the difference between the loudest and lowest volume setting on your smartphone. That's a big difference!

Surfer's ear is an extra bone formed from lumps that develop in the ear canal. The cause is exposure to cold water and wind, especially the combination of the two, as wind creates a cooling factor when your ears are wet. Extra bone growth, also called exostosis, is thought to be the body's defense mechanism to protect the eardrum. The problem is that the exostosis does not subsequently disappear, but continues to grow. As surfers, we are frequently exposed to windy and wet conditions and that is why its occurrence is common among surfers. Hence the name ; surfer's ear. The rate of bone growth will increase with lower temperature and more frequent exposure. However, the severity of the condition varies from person to person, as some seem more prone to developing exostosis than others.

Meet Conner Coffin

We're stoked to announce that Conner Coffin has joined SurfEars® as a global ambassador. Here's what Conner has to say about us:

"Surfer's Ear has been a theme in my family for quite a few years and I'm about 90 percent closed on my right ear. I've tried tons of ear plugs over the years, but SurfEars fit better and are more comfortable than any other ear plugs I've never used."

Let Sound in Keep Water Out

JUNIOR, earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they can hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.

Suitable for most children ages 4-12.

 With ear sizes varying from child to child, the suggested age range should be used as a guide, but it is not an exact science. If you are not sure which size to choose for your child, you can try measuring the opening of the ear canal which should be 6 to 10 mm (0.24 to 0.4 inches).

JUNIOR allows your child to hear and communicate freely while having a more relaxed and joyful time in the water. Whether it's a parent or a swim coach, you'll quickly learn to appreciate these benefits as well.

Protects your child's ears from cold or contaminated water, debris and bacteria. Helps prevent common ear problems like ear inflammation, surfer's ear and swimmer's ear by reducing contact with water.

Equipped with a safety lanyard, JUNIOR earplugs are securely attached to each other and can easily be attached to your wetsuit, swimming goggles, or worn as a necklace. No more lost corks.

Made from soft, skin-safe silicone, JUNIOR earplugs are so comfortable you'll quickly forget you're even wearing them.