Quality surfboards and products in San Clemente, California.

    Since 2001, we have been manufacturing innovative, one-of-a-kind surfboards in the USA by surfers in the USA. We have a healthy supply of surfboards, surf accessories, clothing and other fine products in our showroom in San Clemente.

    We spent countless hours with our trusted collaborators Josh Kerr, Asher Pacey, Jesse Guglielmana and others, to design and develop a collection of boards that erase all questions and explore new dimensions. Speed, freedom, spontaneity and fun have always been part of the equation. These are the models that excite us the most.

    Here we are. Grateful for freedom. Grateful for each other. With nearly 20 years of building surfcraft, we've never been more excited about the shapes we make, the joy of surfing, and the endless possibilities to explore.

    What influences the design of your boards?
    Fun, speed, magic. Find the right combination of outline, rocker, rails and foam to get the most out of your sessions.

    Describe your design philosophy…
    Which board will give you the most fun? Our goal is to realistically assess where you are surfing and specifically what you are trying to do on the wave. Then we offer you the right board with the right dimensions that will allow you to reach your potential and surf the way you want.

    What do you like most about shaping?
    Taking something I dreamed up in my brain and seeing it translate into a functional form in the water. Helping surfers improve their skills through better equipment – ​​seeing surfers improve over time through better equipment. Become a test pilot and experiment with my own shapes in the water.

    Any advice for surfers looking for a good board?
    Be completely honest with yourself and your shaper about your abilities and what specifically you are trying to do on the wave. Have fun…it’s just surfing!