JS Industries

JS Industries

JS Industries One of the most famous surf brands.

JS Industries has recently become one of the best known and most respected names in the world of high performance surfboards.

Jason Stevenson (founder, owner and shaper) built the company from the ground up. His talents and love of surfing have earned him worldwide recognition and close relationships with a team of loyal, world-class surfers.

The iconic Traktor logo has been discovered under the feet of many elite surfers over the years, including four world champions and many other top-32 contenders. JS's work for 2018 is at its best, the designs encompassing all the innovations and improvements developed by the team and world champions over the past five years.

We are incredibly excited for the future of surfing and JS will be there to see it progress!.


Our unparalleled epoxy technology, which looks and feels better than ever in 2019.

How can I watch my hyfi?

Be careful with your HYFI, both in and out of the water! Although they are much stronger and more durable than regular PU surfboards, they are not indestructible.
Don't leave it in the sun. No surfboard stands up well to excess heat.
Make sure all the small studs are secured with epoxy resin.
If you can tick these few simple boxes, there's a good chance your HYFI will become your best friend for a very long time.
Have fun!

Should I change my dimensions or volume when choosing a HYFI board?

Throughout HYFI's development, during which the team tried dozens of prototypes in different models, they found that their boards performed best in standard dimensions. Although the EPS core and epoxy elements of the construction add a slight degree of extra buoyancy, testers like Dusty Payne (see his clip for more information) observed that it had just a slight increase in buoyancy and greater ease of rowing. Not enough to justify changes in dimensions or overall volume.

It is also worth noting that the rails of the HYFI range are slightly lowered compared to the standard PU models, making it even easier to use the normal dimensions of the new technology.

Everything ranges from the consistency and strength advantages of carbon over wood, to a slight advantage in speed and flex, to the “boost” of carbon, as JS and Parko call it.

The JS range of surfboards already stands out for its unrivaled performance and countless hours of research and development. Now they are set apart aesthetically too.

Whether you're going abroad or pushing yourself to have as much fun as possible at home. Remember though, your boards aren't indestructible and can still break if you treat them like Ryan!

The fusion carbon EPS complements the type of boards we want to use to make small waves exciting. They don't need all the layering of a HYFI, and with less layering comes more flexibility.

A favorite option when testing for soft waves, this option is ideal for surfers who want a lighter, more buoyant and high-performance board.

“We always want to make the best even better, and for the highest performing fiberglass surfboards, carbon fusion stringers are the perfect next step.”

Jason Stevenson

“With our Twin Fin Black Baron designed to excel in small waves, we also offered it in epoxy construction – our EPS Fusion Carbon. This is a flex pattern specifically designed for waves that require you to generate most of your own speed. It's fast and full of pop. Perfect for Twin Fin.”

Jason Stevenson