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  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards
  • Strecth Surfboards - Performance Shortboards



    The IT has been the longest continually offered board model in the Stretch line up for good reason. It just plain works! No marketing. No hype. The IT will put a smile on your face in nearly any size range or wave type.


    • Accelerated tail rocker keeps it loose
    • Racey foil for responsive manueverability
    • Paddles like a longboard, slashes like a shortboard
    • Broadest wave range and versatility
    • Available stock sizes 7’0 to 8’0
    • Found under the feet of young and old, big and tall, novice aspiring ripper or lifelong surfer, if you’ve stayed away from longboards because of their slow maneuverability, heavy set stature and general lack of luster then the IT is likely your wake up call into the realm of rippable boards over 7’ long.

      An oxymoron of a surf design, the IT is curvy, sleek and quick while remaining wide, efficient and stable for broad versatility in mediocre to epic surf conditions. The Stinger tail outline blends a narrower tail template for more maneuverability and control and the racey, foiled out rails give precision engagement at speed for laying over on edge.

      Best for average beach break conditions to point and reef peelers with carvy walls and strung out sections. An aggressive rocker profile combined with longboard width up front and shortboard sensation off the tail make the IT a sleeper with unlimited usability.

      It’s not a downsized longboard or an upsized shortboard. It’s an IT!